When Disaster Strikes…

Typhoons, earthquakes, Tsunami’s, fires, floods or terrorist attacks are NOT the works of God!

The recent disasters that have been occurring around the world have led to much talk, and many blog posts and Facebook status’ attributing these disasters to having been God’s handiwork. It always saddens me when disaster strikes that people start declaring God’s judgment upon that country or situation because of what happened. All too often many innocent lives are lost and property is destroyed, even amongst believers (blood, bought New Covenant children of God). I know that God doesn’t need anyone to defend Him so I am not posting on this from that viewpoint but instead from a passion to teach on the Goodness of God and on the amazing New Covenant we have through the finished work of Jesus!

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P.S. If you are not convinced that God is Good then watch my YouTube video: Jesus: The Answer for suffering.