Our History…

RIVER Christian church began meeting in January 2006 in a park with just three families. Since then River Christian Church has become a dynamic church that enjoys the presence of God. We are non-denominational, but inter-relational with other local churches and pentecostal in style. Our passion is to be like the early church in the book of Acts, where the believers proclaimed God’s Kingdom with boldness, and signs and wonders followed!

When possible we allow time for ministry at the end of the service, where we pray for the sick as we are led.

Our Mission…

We want to see lives transformed and everyone knowing that they have an awesome destiny, hope and future (no matter what their age).

We are al labout making disciples – not dependents! This means everyone is encouraged to grow in what the Lord has called them to do and we teach how to be led by and flow in how to hear from God and flow in the gifts of His Holy Spirit. In fact we don’t just teach it, we make it a priority to be led by the Spirit of God in everything we do.

We are also passionate about teaching on Jesus Finished Work so that everyone can be fully equipped to live and enjoy the abundant life that Jesus came and purchased for us! And to then see every one experience this freedom within their households, and to then  minister this within their workplace and through ministry!

All Welcome!

Whether you would like to come and be a part of our church family or visit us when you are able – KNOW that you are always welcome!


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  1. Hi
    I’m trying to buy Nerida’s book about pregnancy.
    I live on Sydney’s north shore, is there anywhere I can purchase a copy.
    The link to the book on your website brings up a number of ads and doesn’t direct.
    Thank you

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