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Shaun and Nerida Walker

Originally from the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Shaun and Nerida re-located with their four children to the Central Coast at the end of 2002. The seeds of the Church were planted many years prior and in mid 2005 they heeded the call, and in January 2006 Shaun and Nerida met with two other families in a park in Kariong and River Christian Church was born!

Shaun and Nerida have a passion to see believers living in the fullness of their salvation through what God has provided through the finished work of the cross.  Their goal is to raise up disciples not dependants and they have seen many lives transformed by God’s love and power as a result.


Walker Family: Left to Right: Aidan, Nerida, Jesse, Aaron, Shaun and Kaitlin (photo taken in 2009)


Pastor Shaun Walker

Shaun Walker is the Senior Pastor of River Christian Church, Kariong, on the NSW Central Coast, Australia. His passion is to see believers everywhere becoming the people that God created them to be – strong, courageous, fearless and faithful.

Visit Shaun’s Blog The Living Word!

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Pastor Nerida Walker

 Nerida Walker is the mother of four miracle children: Kaitlin, Aidan, and twins, Aaron and Jesse. In 1994, Nerida’s husband Shaun was diagnosed as sterile, but through the truth in God’s Word they conceived and had four children, within four and a half years. Based on her own experience, and with a passion to help others struggling through infertility, Nerida co-founded New Life Ministries – Bringing life to Barrenness a non-denominational Christian ministry catering to couples who need prayer, encouragement, and the knowledge of God’s will in any area of childbearing.

Nerida is also the author of God’s Plan for Pregnancy, a book detailing the truth in God’s Word regarding all areas of childbearing along with the Pocket Companion. Nerida is also the author of It is Finished, a book that reveals how to see God’s power released to heal and transform every area of life through the finished work of the Cross.

Nerida is passionate about seeing every believer cross the line from barrenness into fruitfulness in every area of life. Encouraging many with her ability to communicate simply and effectively the truth of God’s Word through her books, website and international conferences, Nerida, alongside her husband, Shaun, is a senior pastor of River Christian Church Kariong on the Central Coast, north of Sydney.

For more information and for all available resources from Nerida visit her web site at: www.neridawalker.com

Visit Nerida’s Blogs: Faith and Fertility and Hannah’s Victory


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