We are a small congregation where our services are run more like a small group where Q&A is encouraged.

We don’t want anyone to come to RIVER out of ‘religious duty’, rather we have a vision to be:

  • a church that’s enjoyed, not endured.
  • a church encouraging you to get past rules and focus on relationship
  • a church whose goal is building up of individuals, not of numbers
  • a church established in Jesus Finished Work
  • a church not governed by traditions and doctrines of men but from relationship with a loving Heavenly Father.
  • a church built on strong relationships where everyone is valued.
  • a church like a bright light manifesting the life of Jesus by ministering His Kingdom to  the lost, hurt & broken & seeing them healed, transformed and made whole.
  • a church flowing like a river full of the life, presence & power of the Holy Spirit.
  • a church of believers who don’t just have knowledge on the Word of God but have a living relationship with the author of the Word.
  • a church where everyone is encouraged to operate in the spiritual gifts to encourage one another in life and to be equipped and empowered for ministry.
  • a church that is run by a team of anointed men, women & children & not by individuals.

All Welcome!

Whether you would like to come and be a part of our church family or visit us when you are able – KNOW that you are always welcome!



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